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Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment in Kansas City


Kinsley Forest Blog, Kansas City, MO  Adding color to your apartment doesn't have to mean painting. We have ideas in today's blog post.


Putting your personal color stamp on your Kansas City, MO apartment doesn’t have to mean painting the walls. In today’s blog post, we have some great ways to add color to your apartment and express your unique personality at the same time.


— Sometimes the obvious gets overlooked, and one of the simplest ways to add color to a room is with colorful curtains, pillows, and throws. Go bold with a riot of color, or keep it understated and subtle. Pillows and curtains can also add the element of different textures and patterns to your decor.


— Add colorful paintings, prints, or frames. A large, bold painting on the wall can change an entire room. Other colorful items that can be hung on the wall include tapestries or quilts. Many quilts are in fact works of art.


— Take it to the floor and add a colorful rug. A braided rag rug can add a variety of colors and give a homey touch to the dining area or a bedroom. A bold geometric design can easily liven up the living area. Rugs are versatile and relatively inexpensive, so it’s easy to change out the design from time to time.


— Bookshelves can add a spot of color; simply buy or make book jackets in the color scheme you are going for, arrange on the shelves, and enjoy the effect.


— If green is your favorite color, add a variety of real or silk plants to your apartment to create a green-shaded oasis. Because there is a wonderful variety of plants, you will be able to play around with the colors and textures.


— Be bold and daring and use a piece of furniture as a color statement. A bright blue couch might be just the thing to make a room come to life. Or, for a less dramatic statement, paint chairs for your dining room in bright colors.


No matter how you add color to your Kinsley Forest apartment, the splash of various hues makes it home-sweet-home. Share your tips for adding color to your decorating in the comments.