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4 Tips to Improve Your Laundry Experience

4 Tips to Improve Your Laundry Experience

At Kinsley Forest, we understand how frustrating and time-consuming laundry can be. Never is it the most exciting or time-friendly chore. Thankfully, each of our Kansas City, MO apartments come complete with a washer and dryer. To make your laundry day a breeze, follow the simple tips outlined in today’s blog post!


Sort every day. Sorting through laundry can be annoying. Make things easier by using a divided hamper. Two hampers work fine if you don’t have access to a divided hamper. Each night, toss your dirty clothes into the hamper(s), separating whites and colors. By the time laundry day arrives, you won’t have to worry about sorting through everything.


Practice removing stains immediately. Nearly all stains are removable. If it’s coffee, grass, or something else, don’t wait for laundry day to come around before you face the stain. Some of the most powerful household products for stain removal include rubbing alcohol, baking soda, vinegar, and many others. Learn to treat stains early and minimize your overall time spent doing laundry.


Do laundry more frequently. If you find that you often have too much laundry to deal with, do more laundry throughout the week. Dividing up the laundry during the week can make laundry day less stressful and go much faster. If you’re having trouble getting all of your laundry done, try mixing up your routine by spreading out the chore the way that works best for you.


Get a bag for your socks. A simple way to prevent losing socks is to use a mesh lingerie bag. Just put the socks inside the bag and toss it into the washer and dryer. Forget about sorting through the clean clothes to look for matching pairs!


During October, spend less time on the laundry in your apartment by trying out new things. What laundry suggestions do you find helpful?